Shipping information

Preparation for shipments

All services include a complete evaluation of the entire ignition system. The shipment is to include the distributors, caps and rotors, ignition wires and plug connectors, coils and ballast resistors, and Electronic Control Units  (ECU) for electronic ignitions

If any of the original components are to be replaced with reproduction or New Old Stock  (NOS) parts , they should be included with the shipment as well, to establish their quality and compatibility with the system. Any ignition spares either new or used that came with the car are also to be included. 

Proper packaging is critical as is shipment insurance. Distributors should be insured for $3, 000 to $5000 depending on application. Replacement components included in the shipment should be  insured for their current purchase value

The shipment should include a complete parts inventory  of the included parts  along with full contact information of the shipper, and a designated address for the return of the  finished shipment 

Marelli Service accepts UPS, USPS and Fed-Ex shipments at the shop address:

                                                         Marelli Service

                                                         1245 9th St.

                                                         Los Osos CA 93402