Details of the standard restoration


The Marelli Service standard restoration process

Create a work folder and inventory sheet of distributor and components upon receipt

Test advance curve in "as received" condition

Completely disassemble distributor and all internal and external  components

Clean using chemicals and mild abrasive media
Evaluate condition of internal components
Replace worn mechanical components as needed
Clean up cosmetic or  mechanical damage to distributor body
Refinish distributor components to original appearance
Replace ignition points, replace condenser
Replace upper and lower ball bearings   

Replace ID tag if available

Hand fit points set components, align points faces and gap to factory specifications

Install on base plates, fit base plates to distributor body
Phase points sets to each other, run in new components on a distributor tester
Re-assemble complete distributor and test advance curve with new components

Make internal adjustments as need  to match factory curve specifications 

Provide replacement rotor if needed  

Create an electronic  invoice  and scans of the final advance curve and related service or installation notes and images

Package components for return shipment to customer including a  printout of the final curve

All cosmetic restorations are to concours standards under ICJAG judging rules 

which are used at Pebble Beach and 50 other concours worldwide    

Processing time

Processing time is  typically two to three weeks depending on the number of active projects in the shop and the ordering time for parts not currently in-house 

Expedited services

Expedited and emergency services are available for active vintage racers or entrants in long distance tours and rallys.  Priority work is avaliable if the car is on a restoration or repair deadline for an concours or race 


Repairs and service work in conformance with FIVA preservation guidelines is available as a part of our normal service schedule , or on an expedited basis if needed

The Marelli Service Guarantee

All parts and services are 100% unconditionally guaranteed for a period of two years or 10,000 miles from initial  startup